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Thread: Reviews of the 59 Model

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    Default Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

    I Totally agree with everything Lew has said on this thread. Lew, ya NAILED it !!!!
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    Default Re: Reviews of the 59 Model

    My main guitar these days is a Dean EVO Special 7. It's a Les Paul-ish 7-string with a mahogany body and maple top.

    I only had the guitar a couple of weeks when i decided that the stock OEM pickups just weren't adequate. They didn't sound all that bad, but they were horribly microphonic, and just didn't have the right "voice".

    I immediately ordered a JB-7 for the bridge, and agonized over getting either a Jazz-7 for the neck, or the '59-7. Since i'm mostly playing heavier music these days, i opted for the '59-7, as it would give me a bit more versatility.

    Both pickups were ordered in 4-conductor configurations. My preferred setup is humbuckers at the bridge and neck positions, with series/parallel switching on each. This gives me 8 unique tonal options, every one of them hum-cancelling.

    The '59 is an awesome pickup. It is very balanced, without sounding generic or "sterile". It has loads of depth and warmth, though the lower-mid and bass frequencies can dominate a little bit in a mahogany-bodied guitar. If you're used to boosting your mids and bass at the amp, you might have to roll them back a bit, as the '59 handles them nicely on its own. In fact, this pickup sounds amazing with very flat EQ. Very little tinkering is required, but it responds nicely when you do tweak. It sits back nicely for rhythm work, but can easily be made to roar.

    The clean sound is percussive and lush, with a deep, warm voice. When switched into parallel mode, the lows and low-mids get rolled off just a touch, and it gains more high-end sparkle, with just a touch of "glass" and twang. Surprisingly, it does not lose very much volume in this configuration, making it a very useful tonal option! It can add just a hint of single-coil vibe without getting thin and nasal. Very nice.

    Cranking the gain gives you punchy, thick sounds well suited to almost any style, depending on your amp and signal chain. It can give you a super-heavy wall of sound, or can do classic rock grit equally well.

    The '59 also complements the JB in the bridge very nicely. They're almost the tonal opposite of one another, giving me loads of versatility without having to get into fussy switching or active electronics. Just a three-way toggle and two push-pulls.

    I'm currently running my guitar into a Boss GT-6, where i'm using several amp models, mainly JC-120, Twin, Vox, Matchless and Rectifier. The GT-6 then runs out (in stereo) through a BBE 482 and then into a Peavey Classic 50/50 power amp, driving a Genz Benz G-Flex 212 cabinet.

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