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Thread: PJ Marx Brad Gillis Humbucker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_TriPpEr View Post
    Yep, that matches what is said in the news article that IDsnowDog shared to the group a couple years back:

    The following isn't the Brad Gillis model, but it is an example of PJ Marx's formerly large impact in the rock-metal world, coincidentally featured in some wall art in my home studio. This photo is from around the time of the "Them" album - very thrashy tones on that album.

    Another interesting thing in this photo is - judging by the unusual closeness of the two humbuckers in that guitar - that that B.C. Rich superstrat seems to have a 24.75" scale neck.

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    YES! Andy LaRocque and Pete Blakk both used PJ Marx pickups on "Them" and "Conspiracy" in their BC riches. Great lead tones for sure! Overall guitar tone on "Conspiracy" was great.
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    Sold my Brad Gillis pickup on this forum in Oct 2013. The buyer still has zero posts (he signed up just to pm me about the pickup). It came in a Fender HM Strat with the wiring all F'd up so I never heard how it "would have" sounded. I asked him to report back how he liked it but I never heard back from him.

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    Gillis uses JB's these days.

    I was recently surfing for Fernandes Gillis guitars on reverb...

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