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Fender Super Champ x2 is it Tube?

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    Re: Fender Super Champ x2 is it Tube?

    Just looked at that amp last year before buying a Boss Katana 50 for home use.
    Power section is tube (obvious). Channel 1 is SS analog (no tubes), Channel 2 is digital. 12ax7 tube is phase inverter.


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      Re: Fender Super Champ x2 is it Tube?

      In the 12ax7 the first half is wired like a normal fender gain stage
      Second half is phase inverter
      (Both channels go through both halves the 12ax7 and both are digital. Channel 1 is channel 2's voice 4: twin reverb. There's no all tube signal path on it, all the pre amp is DSP chip. You can even see if you open the amp the pots are all digital rotary knobs not normal potentiometers)
      This is from the schematic...
      It is wired not unlike the first gain stage in a blackface amp if I recall, not looking at it right now

      It's a cool amp
      I had one for a while
      At the time I didn't like that it was kinda boxy and had some fart to it, and mine didn't have a character I liked when dimed. I should have tried a speaker swap and I didn't like the jj power tubes I tried. These days I like that small combo sound more than I used to I think.

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