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Incoming new amp PRS MT15

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    Re: Incoming new amp PRS MT15

    Arrived today and got a huge surprise. This one was supposed to be a shop demo amp open box as I paid just under $500 flat for it shipped. It wasn't!! Fully sealed boxes bags all the knob's at zero this one was brand new everything was never opened!!
    First impressions.
    First off how the heck is this thing just rated at 15 watts?? Side by side on the same cab or even with the Mesa 50 watt DC 5 on a 2/12 loaded with WGS Retro 30's and the MT5 on a 1/12 loaded with the same speaker the MT5 keeps up with the Boogie!! Heck of a LOUD amp when you crank it here!! Can easily gig out with it just like I can with both the Carvin X50 and the Boogie DC 5
    secondly tones.
    Cleans are fantastic probably the best of the 3 heads. Both the Bogie and the Carvin are very good but a little to clean for my taste. The little PRS has a little more of hat old Fender sponge to it just big rich and very friendly feeling.
    Crunch side .
    First off it's a real fire breather with a LOT of gain on tap. However is very organic and touch sensitive. Really responds well to volume roll off and touch. As well maybe as my prized Zinky does and is more dynamic in that respect than both the Carvin and the DC5 are.
    Just giving my ears a bit of a break and haven't worked with the loop yet. Has just a bit if light hiss at gain but not bad at all.
    Also loves these Retro 30 loaded cabs sounds massive through the open back 1/12 which works out great because that makes for a small portable rig that absolutely KILLS in tone!!
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