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Bi-amping a Mesa 4x12 trad cab

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  • Bi-amping a Mesa 4x12 trad cab

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Mesa 4x12 trad slant cab with stereo 4 ohm inputs.
    I'm trying to do the bi-amp thing and run one head into half and one into the other. The heads have 4 ohm outputs, which I am using in this configuration, with a Radial Big Shot ABY doing the split.

    What I find is that one amp works great but the other amp is at super low volume and much more distorted than I would have expected. Some of the settings on the ABY (i.e., ground lift, phase, etc.) will make it so that you can't really hear the second amp at all. If I unplug one of the speaker inputs then the sound comes back just fine. The amps and the ABY run just fine together when I use a separate cab for both amps.

    I am trying to narrow it down to three things
    1) User error
    2) Bad speaker which I didn't know about since been running just one head this whole time
    3) Wiring problem

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful.