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Marshall SV20H vs SC20H vs DSL20HR vs 2525H

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    Re: Marshall SV20H vs SC20H vs DSL20HR vs 2525H

    Originally posted by Cynical View Post
    Tough call between the SV and the SC for me... the SV has that crunch, but I like the balls of the SC.

    Now, push the MV of the SC up to 8 or so, that's where the real magic happens ;-)
    I'm not a huge fan of turning the master up too high with that amp tbh. Mainly because the wideness of the sound gets diminished a bit. Powertube compression and distortion is great but I prefer the sound of the amp when it's not too much. Personal preference of course!

    Originally posted by bigcupholder View Post
    Great video! I liked the SC20H the best. It sounded simultaneously balanced, fat and clear. I was surprised how much I didn't like the SV20H. The other two were a bit of a toss up: the 2525H was a bit too biting, and the DSL20 was a bit scooped sounding with too much bass.

    It's a shame the smaller DSLs don't have the classic crunch channel like the DSL40 and up. It's a great channel and I'm curious how it compares to the SC20H.

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    That classic gain mode is great indeed and I agree, it would have been great to have that on the DSL20...
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      By placing a 12DW7 in V1 of the DSL20 removes the fizz and is a different amp all together. Its a Hybrid tube designed with 12AX7 in the first half and a 12AU7 in the second half. Green channel stays the same. The second half of V1 is the first overdrive stage. It makes the gain control alot more useful.