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Roccaforte HG100 in da' house!!!!!!

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  • Roccaforte HG100 in da' house!!!!!!

    Damn, this amp smokes. The notes JUMP out of it. I love my JCM 800, but it doesn't have the clarity or the 3D effect that the Rocca has. It sounds great by itself and it takes pedals very well too. I tried both the BM and MI Blues Pro. Both sound killer . I can't wait for my new OD9 to get here (Daneyo took his back last night ). I LOVE how the OD9 sounds through my JCM...I can't wait to try it through the Rocca.

    Props to Doug for making such a tone machine!!!!!!

    Also, Jmart is a class act and a great guy to deal with. Thanks for a great transaction brother

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    Re: Roccaforte HG100 in da' house!!!!!!

    Sweet score, I've heard nothing but good reviews about Roccaforte amps! PICS!!
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