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AMP Techs in Central Texas????

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  • AMP Techs in Central Texas????

    Does anyone know of any good amp techs in the Central Texas area? Specifically in the Waco, Temple and Killeen area. I want to get the MusicMan 212HD's other channel working and basically a good freshening up.

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    Re: AMP Techs in Central Texas????

    Post this on The Gear Page. You'll have a better chance of a good hit. A good cap job and a minor repair on that channel, plus potentially a few new pots that didn't clean up and you'll be good to go. Like you mentioned, you might need to take it to Austin. So, suggestions on Austin techs would probably be a good idea as well.

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      Re: AMP Techs in Central Texas????

      Thanks Scott.
      I completely forgot about you mentioning the GEAR Page angle.


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        Re: AMP Techs in Central Texas????

        That could get you started, i found a good tech here in lubbock that way.
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