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  • Orange crush 20

    Hi, I am searching for a little amp (within 20w). Actually I need it for training. A friend of mine has an orange crush 20.he wants to get rid of it, and I can get it for a ridiculous price. Any thoughts about it?

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    The sound demos on the website sound good

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      They're OK. I think they're often overhyped. They're alright, but I don't think they're miles on top of anything in the price range. They do the Orange tone well, if you're into that. But they're not any better than the average cheapie solid state, IMO.


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        I am searching for something useful at home, with a good sound, practicing without disturbing the neighbors. I have a 40w marshall and a 40w blackstar, both really too loud. I like the orange tone and if this one is a good compromise, I think I'll go for it. And it's really cheap. I can have it at 30% of it's street price brand new


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          Which Marshall and Blackstar?
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            Originally posted by St_Genesius View Post
            Which Marshall and Blackstar?
            An old marshall valvestate (with me since 1993) and a blackstar Ht club 40