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Fender Mustang III V2 1x12

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  • Fender Mustang III V2 1x12

    Got one of these recently, super cool amp for dorking around at home. In very short time, I got a great Pantera-ish metal tone with what I think is a Dual Recto model. I was listening to “Cemetery Gates,” so I made up a really sparkly clean patch next to it, and haven’t done much with the amp besides play that song, toggling back and forth between those two presets.

    The real surprise is how well the pitch shifter works. I don’t have the amp cranked, but taking a standard tuned all the way down to B, it doesn’t glitch out, and tracks well enough for metal riffing.
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    Those are cool, I have dorked around with one of those amps a few times as well, and owned the mustang I
    when I had one, I used the editor to make the first 16 or so presets just the dry amp models and mostly used it as a collection of single channel amps. I think having the footswitch would help with song based presets, probably why I never used it that way lol
    the gain voicing right after the one I think is the rectifier impression is the one I like most. I think it's their 5150 impression but not totes sure. Could also be that... What was that metal amp head fender did? Machete??

    I wouldn't have guessed the pitch shifter worked that well! Good job fender.