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NAD and hello again

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  • NAD and hello again

    Hello. I haven't been here since the redesign. Since before the Covidity. I got a Positive Grid Spark. I think of it more a a practice tool but it sounds nice. It has a few presets that are usable and the interactivity with the app is helpful with jamming and practicing. I'm sure you all read about it. Sounds good loud like most amps. I have the positive grid head and app and I use it mostly for the Hiwatt sounds when I'm not using my other tube amps. Sounds about the same. Except the Spark doesn't have a Hiwatt as far as I can explore on it. The Spark is nice and compact. A bit heavy but solid. Solid controls. Connects with my Android fast. A few things I don't like are the volume jump when switching presets, you have to catch it with the manual know. Or turn down your guitar. And the noise gate is spongey.

    What else,,, I've been resting my arm most of this summer after playing the heck out of my Epipohone acoustic guitar I bough earlier. I have been building a Flying V from scratch with pine, you know, with a band saw and router.. even handmade the neck from maple with a Japanese saw.. Still in the middle of it.

    But getting into guns mostly. haha

    Bands I've been listening to are Ghost, Greta Van Fleet, Nothing but Thieves, and Aldious.
    Crash49 - my music on amazon and itunes

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    You picked a horrible time to start getting into guns. Good luck finding ammo. Other than that, grats!

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