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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Mesa-Boogie-Rectifier-Badlander-100-head@1400x1050-696x522.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.4 KB ID:	6030166 It's new. Just came up on my YouTube recommendation. Can't seem to get video to post.
    Sounds heavy.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BD-100w-head-rear-hr.jpg
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    It is the new recto. Supposedly tighter and more mid forward. Two identical channels. Not a bad sounding amp from what I hear but not the sizzle of what made the original rectos....well, rectos. I hear a little triple crown in there. It appears Mesa is blurring/blending some lines in their amp line and crossing over from amp to amp on some things. It definitely will grab people and is an interesting way to reinvent themselves (did they need to though?). I think it is a nice amp hands down and no doubt about it. The issue I see is with the Mesa owner who has multiple Mesa amps...they may have this amps DNA already. I say all this based off the clips available now. I haven't played the amp in person and that could change everything. All that being said, I am in no way giving up my Triple Crown 100 and old Dual Rec to hop on this. My $.02 YMMV
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      Ola did a review. If I were buying today I'd probably consider it over a Triple Recto.

      You make a good point - how many Boogies in this zone do you need?
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        I can get behind some of your thoughts Bogner. I have a Triple Crown 100 and don't think I would trade for this. Of course I'd have to hear and play one to say for sure.
        I think though looking for a Recto series, I would look to this first.


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          I really like that they are putting the CabClone in the new models. It is a big deal for recording and performing players. I wish my Blue Angel had that.
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            I also like headphones and quality attenuation.


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              Wonder why no footswitchable solo function? I use that a lot when playing with a band to help give a volume increase for leads. I use that on my TC50 all the time in a band (my Marshall JVM and Splawn have similar feature). Guess you could throw a clean boost pedal in the fx loop.

              Kinda like the stripped down look and idea of tightened up sound, but also wonder if having the features of the regular dual rec would be more practical in a live setting (3 channel and solo feature). Would like to try one out all the same, I tend to like Mesa amps.


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                I do like that it uses the new version of the Cab Clone that uses IRs, and you can set it to run different IRs for each channel
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                  I also checked out Ola's review, at least based on his test it seems almost smoother and less raw than what I associate with the typical Recto sound. Totally my ears and my opinion, not having had one to call my own and dive into.

                  I'm one of those guys that lusted after a Dual for many years but moved away from wanting "that sound" - even though there are many great sounds to be had - however if I wanted something newer with those signature mids for rock and f'n roll I would check it out

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                    No 16 ohm out is a deal breaker for me.

                    Not that I can afford it anyway.


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                      Originally posted by Rex_Rocker View Post
                      No 16 ohm out is a deal breaker for me.

                      Not that I can afford it anyway.
                      Only has one 8ohm too, which means if you have a 16ohm stereo cab (8ohm/side) you can't run an 8ohm out to each side individually.
                      That's how I had to run my single rectifier when using my old peaveyXXX cab, since it did not have the 4ohm switch.


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                        I mostly impressed that Mesa keeps building new models without going away from their trademark features.
                        Some compromises are inevitable, but they keep adding more than they're stripping-away.

                        I'd be surprised if the preamp circuit is really much different in any of the recto series, or stiletto/crowns.
                        There are so many recto-mods that are geared towards these same sort of tone/response changes.
                        Most mods are just in the pots and cap values from what I've read on BB-forum, and tubes/biasing of course.

                        My series2 single with the mesa str447 (eh-EL34) takes a very noticeable step in the same direction.
                        (more bite and sizzle, less fizz, snarlier mids and tighter/faster lows,,,,,,,,,,not really cleaner/drier lows though)

                        Love the 2-channel layout! Hate those knobs lol,,,,,,,,,,,,very easily changed.
                        I wonder if this thing can get the same sparkly cleans as the multi-watts? Never quite could on any of the older 2-channels, especially w/EL34.
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                          Originally posted by Rex_Rocker View Post
                          No 16 ohm out is a deal breaker for me.
                          makes no sense to me that they dont have a 16 ohm tap on the ot


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                            Originally posted by jeremy View Post

                            makes no sense to me that they dont have a 16 ohm tap on the ot
                            Usually in their manuals they say to use the 8 ohm tap for 16 ohm loads. It still seems odd being a tube amp with output transformer, but Mesa always designs for that mismatch.
                            Oh no.....

                            Oh Yeah!


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                              The T.C manual says a 16ohm cabinet and set switch to 8ohm.( slight power reduction) or two 16ohm switch at 8ohm