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How much juice can a regular guitar pot take?

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  • How much juice can a regular guitar pot take?

    A friend needs a pot for his kids science project or something. 9 volt battery.

    Will a regular 250k pot take the volts and say a single amp?

    Honestly asking for a friend. This time...

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    I believe most guitar pots are rated at 1/4W.
    You'd probably want something more heavy duty for a full one Watt.

    Then again, for a short duration it might be okay.
    I'd keep it on a heat-resistant surface and well away from anything that could burn or melt, though.
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      Okay thanks. Probably not a good idea then.


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        Yeah, worried about that too...


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          Why not buy a cheap rheostat at Home Depot or Lowe's? Or do you need the extra post?


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            Originally posted by Little Pigbacon
            Do you know what they are trying to do with a potentiometer and 9V DC?
            No but isn't a rheostat basically the same thing as a pot but with only 2 legs?


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              Originally posted by Little Pigbacon

              This article seems to do a good job of explaining their differences and similarities. The potentiometer is useful because it is a nice, self-contained voltage divider; thats how the volume controls in our guitars work.

              I'll check that out later for sure, thanks.

              What's TCW trying to accomplish?


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                A friend's kid has a science project to do.. I don't know the details,, but probably something to do with batteries and bulbs. I was thinking of donating a used guitar pot, but it was late at night, and I was "a bit tired" at the time.

                That's all.


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                  Why don't the 9 volt batteries in our guitars damage the pots?

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                    Just imagine a guitar with 48V actives...

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                      As LPB has said, a guitar pot will be fine with a 9V battery.