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Playing music through amp! advice!

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  • Playing music through amp! advice!

    Okay, i dont normally do this so if I want to play music through my peavey classic 30 would i put the mp3 jack into the input I normally use for the guitar input?
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    Re: Playing music through amp! advice!

    Yes, but keep it on the clean channel with a flat EQ.
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      Re: Playing music through amp! advice!

      Screw that!!, cRaNk Up ThE gAiN yO!


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        Re: Playing music through amp! advice!

        My bet is that it isn't gonna sound very good. As far as I've always understood it, a guitarspeaker is designed for other frequencies than a stereo speaker is.

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          Re: Playing music through amp! advice!

          That'd be fine.. It's a great way for breaking in your speakers too!
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            Re: Playing music through amp! advice!

            But I should sound bad coz guitar speakers are just designed for frequencies up to 5kHz and to color the sound
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