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Amp footswitch help.

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  • Amp footswitch help.

    I've got a cheap ss Crate GT1200 head, but no footswitch. I can't find one in town, and don't feel like shelling out $40 for a Crate CFS3 footswitch. Is there any way you can make your own cheap one button footswitch? All I want to do is go from the clean channel to solo, nothing fancy.
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    Congratulations. You've just run upon the guitar equivalent of wiping your ass with sandpaper only once a week.

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    Re: Amp footswitch help.

    Building a footswitch is fairly easy. The trick is, knowing which kind to build. You could have any of the following:

    1. Momentary: it only makes contact while its pressed. Actual switching takes place in the amp.

    2. On/off - 2-wire: A simple connection is either on or off.

    3. On/off - 3-wire: You switch a "common" between two points. (Easy to identify because it will use a stereo plug and jack.)

    4. Diode: Johnson did this. The switch selects different diodes within the pedal.

    There may be others. If someone has one you can look at, you might be able to tell from that. Or a service manual.