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  • Speaker suggestions please

    Hi, i play through an engl thunder 50 combo and i am considering buying a 1x12 cab to go with it so i can play at higher volume wihtout overloading the speaker, i am lookin for something that will give me a fat bottom end whilst still having clarity, there is an old old marshall cab on ebay currently at 14 which is nothing if i buy a new speaker for it and tart it up a little...... my question is what speaker should i be lookin for to do this ? It has to be an 8ohm, Thanks

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    Re: Speaker suggestions please

    G12H30, anyone?
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      Re: Speaker suggestions please

      would it be a crazy idea to put a bass speaker in it ? has any one ever tried this kinda set up ?


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        Re: Speaker suggestions please

        True Bass speakers tend sound sterile for guitar.

        I have a Marshall 1x12 combo that I built a cosmetically matching closed back extension cab to stack on top of. I just put the stock V30 speaker into the bottom because it's brighter than another warmer sounding V30 that I put into the combo. The combo stack has more low end and a wider sound stage than the combo alone, which emphasied mids. The bass is dramatically improved, not quite up to my Marshall 4x12, but close.

        Do you plan on using this speaker in conjunction with the combo's speaker, or as a stand alone cab? If you plan on using it with the other speaker all the time, then I agree with the G12H30 suggestion(30 watt power handling speaker). The heritage version of the G12H30 uses the cone (444) with the lower resonate frequancy, once broken in.

        The Emi eqivilant is the Wizard.

        What speaker does the combo have? The speaker you put in the extension cab will need to at least match the effiency of the open back combo speaker, or it won't be heard. If the extension cab is closed, then it would be prefered if that speaker has a higher efficiency rating than it's open back mate. Bass speakers tend to have lower efficiency than guitar speakers.


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          Re: Speaker suggestions please

          Hi, thanks for the replies, the combo has a celestion vintage 30, i plan on using the cab with the combo to create a 'mini' stack insted of havin to cart around a 2x12 cab along with the combo, that just doesn't appeal to me.... i would like to use the amp at near enough full volume without overpowering its single speaker and compramising the tone i have, but also adding a little more of that tube thump.... so i should go for the G12 h30, the other thing is the cab i am looking at has the speaker set off centre, should i keep it like that or adjust it back to would this affect the sound ?


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            Re: Speaker suggestions please

            Put the V30 in the extension cab (closed back for thump) and put a G12H or eqivilant into the combo. This is a nice portable rig. The cenetr of the speaker won't matter in an application like this