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Working on something different.

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  • Working on something different.

    Well it is just the standart box.

    The inards.
    Well maybe this strange thing will go places, it has no clipping diodes, only OP-amps and a final tubestage, some JJ tube, forgot what kind it was, 12ax7 I belive hehe
    Made sockets for the OP-amps, tried quite a few different ones so far, have soldered in a trimmer for the mids, on a real amp it can get very fat and still stay quiet, it does not sound like anything else we have, and I am not sure about it....hehe will post some more clips later on.

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    Re: Working on something different.

    What would you say it's voiced like Rid...or closest to? Voxey? Marshall? MESA? Something else?
    I'm an internet person. All we do is waste time evaluating things that have next-to-zero real world significance.

    Remember, it's just a plank of wood. YOU have to find the music in it - The Telecaster Handbook


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      Re: Working on something different.

      Nothing like any amp really.
      Just a flexible od sofar.
      And it changes radically with other tubes in it.