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  • Speaker recommendation?

    What would work well in a 4x12 for mostly distorted, Young Widowsy type sounds? I'm assuming I'll have to brace the **** out of the cab.

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    Re: Speaker recommendation?

    I'd try a carvin, just cause they are reasonably priced and should do the job real well till you find your ultimate (maybe vintage?) speaker.
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      Re: Speaker recommendation?

      I looked into this a bit a couple years back and decided against it, but I've still got this Avatar cab I can't seem to give away. I've been reading around for a bit and it looks like everyone is all like "don't waste your time, blah-blah-blah". I don't see why it has to be sooo terrible, although I don't really like the cab for guitar, hence why it's empty, so maybe it would suck balls.

      It wouldn't be used for a normal bass tone, a more midrangey and distorted, maybe Lemmy-ish tone is what we'd be going for with it, mixing with a more modern 2x15. It would be used with an 800RB, maybe using the hi output only and the low to the 2x15? What about making it into a 2x15 or maybe a 1x15 and stuffing something else and a tweeter in it?

      What should I be looking for here? Am I just outta my ****ing mind?

      Whatever I do, $$$ to sound ratio is of high importance.
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