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correct pots for overwound rickenbacker pick ups

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  • correct pots for overwound rickenbacker pick ups

    I,m a little uneducated in this area so I could use some advice. I,ve got a '75 ric 4001 that I put replacement V63 p/u's and complete harness in ,I just had to have the bridge p/u rewound, when it came back the resistance read 15.4k, the untouched neck "toaster p/u reads 11.9k, pretty hot,I'd say. anyway the pots are all 330k.With pick ups this hot, should I put in 500k volume and 250k tone pots w/.047 caps ?or the other way around,250k volume's and 500k tone?. I,ve been told to put a push/pull bridge volume pot to by pass the .047k cap.This doesn't seem right to me, Why would I want to bypass the cap on such a high output p/u ? Any ideas or comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: correct pots for overwound rickenbacker pick ups

    You can use whatever volume pot you want for how detailed you want it. It won't end up sounding thin like a guitar would if you use a 1 meg volume. So if you want it muted a bit use 250k volume, if you want it medium bright use 500k, and if you want full detail use 1meg. For the tone, I recommend a 250k no load with a 47nf cap. No load makes it brighter than 500k on 10 but the 250k value makes it taper well. It starts to take effect as soon as you go from 10 to 9 instead of 500k where you have to turn it down to like 6 to start taking effect.
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      Re: correct pots for overwound rickenbacker pick ups

      500k will give a brighter tone.

      Personally I dislike the overwound Rick pickups. The bass loses that crisp top end. Iíve had a few customers that had me rewind these to more like vintage specs.

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