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Bass family..... before they get separated.

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  • Bass family..... before they get separated.

    So as a guitarist I have ended up with more basses than I need or intended. A couple of band mates from my covers band and I decided to try a 3 piece blues rock band whilst the singer wanted a break and initially I was playing all bass parts and in typical fashion I got over excited and ended up going OTT. Now the other guitarist and myself switch between bass and guitar so it keeps us on our toes and I can at least put my guitars to use.

    Back to the basses. All great instruments, all very well built, all play and sound great with just subtle differences in neck shape/ size. Iím going to sell 2 to start with, and Iím pretty sure itís going to be the red P bass and dark trans blue Ken Taylor. Itís actually a tough decision so I am basing my decision mainly on aesthetics for the 3 piece band at this point. The blue P type (VM) is active/ passive and has the reverse P pick up and a humbucker in the bridge. Iím keeping this because firstly I love Roquefort blue, the neck is so easy to play for my old guitar hands. Very versatile although I have to admit it does not quite have the punch of the passive red P type. That one is a beast but Iíd rather have the versatility of the blue one. The blue jazz is my favourite, love the colour, love the Delanoís (I know that on Bass chat there are some that feel they are too hi-fi) and it too is active/ passive). Itís a fair bit heavier than the P types but not so much so that I canít play it. The white Jazz with reverse headstock is just as cool as hell, itís may be slightly heavier than the blue Jazz but it balances perfectly. Itís passive and has Haussel pick ups, quite hot and the neck pick ups can get close to a P sound for me at least... I know seasoned bass players would disagree. Finally the Ken Taylor is a beast, plays as slick as you like, so many sounds, looks ace under lights with the grain and flame in the ash body coming through. If I was in a band playing more modern/ heavier music this would be the one to keep, but as we play a mixture of ZZ, SRV, Gary Moore, Black Crowes and Blackberry Smoke to name a few the J and P types will do it.

    For any of you bass players who havenít yet tried a Sandberg, give them a go... they are a great company. Here is the family photo before some go their separate ways.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Bass family..... before they get separated.

    I dig that white Jazz. Do you notice more tension on the E and A strings because of the reverse headstock?


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      Re: Bass family..... before they get separated.

      The only thing I’m missing is something with humbuckers. Cool spread.
      "Patience is key. Hard work is obligatory. And itís the decisions you make right now, not the habits of the past, that will shape your success in the future." - Janek Gwizdala


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        Re: Bass family..... before they get separated.

        Hey JJ, hope you and your family are all good? I had send you an email a while back?

        To be honest not being a “bass player” per se I am not really knowledgeable in all things bass. So as a guitarist all of my basses are set up for my baby fingers to be able to play as easy as possible. So regarding the string tension, the white one I bought used with TI flats already on so as they are quite slinky it feels similar to the others. As mentioned above, I have stuck with Sandbergs because I feel that they can be set up low and buzz free enough for my guitar hands to cope with.

        I actually sold the red P yesterday and while I feel a little sellers remorse today, it was the bass I just struggled to get comfortable with when standing? It may have been that the neck whilst it was the same width at the nut, had a deeper profile and my hand got fatigued quite quickly when playing at the low end for any amount of time. Shame because it sounded awesome and was very resonant compared to the blue VM which just doesn’t quite have the same thump.