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Guitar Review: Agile AD-2200 JR

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  • Guitar Review: Agile AD-2200 JR

    Just got this today. $249.99, about $290 after taxes and shipping (it's in state, so I must pay tax).

    Very impressive right out of the box. The finish looks great, the inlays, binding, and frets are all perfect. The frets are super shiny and smooth. Graphite nut and Grover tuners.. and the action was super low with very little buzz, and it arrived tuned down a half step.. so, it must have been set up that way.. because I doubt the Grovers dropped flat during the 24-30 hour shipment. I love the neck on this guitar.

    Then, I plugged it in.. surprisingly (through my Fender Stage 160) it sounds great! Classic gutsy P-90 sound. None of the 'very little buzz' made it's way out the amp. It sounds flawless.

    All in all a 10/10 great guitar for the money. I imagine Epiphone owuld charge at least $599 for the same appointments and such. I'm next going to check out Rondo's 335 copy or maybe their 3000 seires LP if he ever gets more in.
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