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Need Help With Wah Modding

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  • Need Help With Wah Modding

    Hi folks....

    I just picked up a 95Q wah which is the Dunlop switchless wah... The only real reason I bought it was because of the switchless capability, since I actually prefer the Vox sound to the Dunlop one.

    So what I want to do now is mod the pedal so it sounds more like the Vox one, and just generally make it better.

    I very cleverly copied the vocal, gain and bass response and volume mods off that great site that has now closed down. Also got true bypass. If anyone wants this by the way, let me know and I'll send it to you... PM me.

    Anyway, what i want to know is what mods you recommend I do?

    I want to do the three above, but I think replacing the pot for a fulltone one is a good idea. Also maybe replacing some capacitors for orange drops (is that possible?) or other items would be an interesting idea.

    Also, can I do/do I need to do true bypass? Since the wah is switchless, is it possible to do true bypass? I'm not sure what you need for that mod...

    There's nothing quite as satisfying as a dancing banana...

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    Re: Need Help With Wah Modding

    No help for me? I feel so rejected!!!
    There's nothing quite as satisfying as a dancing banana...


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      Re: Need Help With Wah Modding

      Not too sure on whether its possible to TB a switchless wah, but I've used the following values for my CB.

      Stuart Castledine's original site that had all the info, that went down, is actually back up, just on a differnet address;

      The stock Vox (847s) are actually very similar to the CB circuit - as far as I can remember, they were only a few resistor changes - the gain, vocal, etc resistors, iirc, were the same. The Vox's miss the battery protection circuit though.

      I run the following mods on my CB;

      Gain/Bass response: replaced stock 390R with 300R.
      Input/Volume: replaced stock 68K with 47K
      Q: replaced stock 33K with 47K
      Midrange: 1K5 replaced with 2K2
      Sweep range: 0.022uf.

      Replaced all resistors with metal film for better resistance to noise, and looking to replace caps with orange drops some time. Waiting for a chance to pickup a Fasel Inductor too (they are a ripoff locally), and T/Bed the thing with a Fulltone 3PDT, hooking up a nice blue LED whilst I was at it.

      I'm not sure how a switchless wah could be TB'ed though - I'm no electronics whiz.
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        Re: Need Help With Wah Modding


        i had the old page bookmarked, modded my 95, really panicked when it went down. thanks!

        *updates bookmarks*