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  • Amp models

    I wondered if anyone could tell me some more
    about the following amp models (cabinets?):

    - Tweed
    - Hot Rod
    - Blackface
    - Boutique

    I mean questions like who is the manufacturer, which guitarist uses this
    and what kind of musical genre is related to the amp model (if any).

    But any other information is welcome too!
    Rock on!

    Bluesrock form the Netherlands!

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    Re: Amp models

    I assume you are asking about models on a Line 6 or similar unit?

    Tweed refers to some old Fender amps, I think generally smaller amps like the Champ (1x10 cab) and the Deluxe (1x12), though it can also refer to the old Bassman(4x10) amps too.
    Blackface refers to the (I think) 60's era Fender amps like the Twin (2x12) and the Deluxe (1x12) (they had a black control plate, as opposed to the later models, i think, which had silver plates)
    Hot Rod (I think) refers to a Soldano-type sound. Generally used with 4x12 or 8x12 speakers.
    With Boutique, I think of a Bogner-type amp, though i may be wrong.


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      Re: Amp models

      [QUOTE=dd12939]I assume you are asking about models on a Line 6 or similar unit?

      It was due to a mulit-effect (Digitech RP50) that I came up with the names.

      I was just curious about the amps.
      Knowledge = power

      BTW: I just got a personal mail from Paul Gilbert !
      I love his crazy website (and his music of course).
      Rock on!

      Bluesrock form the Netherlands!


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        Re: Amp models

        HOt Rod is a reference to the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. All the others are reference to various Fender vintage amps except the Boutique.
        Its up to you not to heed the call-up