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Reverend amps????

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  • Reverend amps????

    I've been looking at their site and saw that they made amps, the kingsnake which they are soon making a head version of and the discontinued hellhound. The kingsnake seems to be an improved version of the hellhound. They are really inexpensive and have 6l6s, single channel with a schizo switch for american/ameribrit/brit. They seem really cool and I have read really good things about them and I know I would never be able to try one because they are a really small company. Has anyone tried these? What are they like? And do you know any place to hear sound clips? Thanks guys

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    Re: Reverend amps????

    I've been curious about the Reverend Amps too. I did try one of their guitars and it was interesting.
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      Re: Reverend amps????

      I just got my Kingsnake a few days ago. I'm very happy with it. I haven't had a chance to run it through the paces yet at our rehearsal, but so far so good on the little 20W setting in the basement. Overall, it has a well-built feel, solid feel to it, and I feel it is definitely a stage-worthy piece of gear.

      I believe I read (on the fender forum) that the company said they will soon be posting on their home site, clips of the amp, along with some of their axes too. They said within a few weeks they should be up.


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        Re: Reverend amps????

        I have a friend who had a reverend hellhound and it was an awesome, inexpensive amp. They are out of production I think, not for metal though.


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          Re: Reverend amps????

          How would these amps act with a pedal like a modded ds1 or similiar for STP type distortion? And how similiar to a marshall does it sound on the uk schizo position when cranked with no pedals? plexi-ish? This one looks pretty good

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            Re: Reverend amps????

            The FDP is probably the best place to ask questions about Reverend gear.

            Some Kingsnake clips can be found here.
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