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Michael Kelly Patriot Custom??

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  • Michael Kelly Patriot Custom??

    Hey Ya'll... As you may have seen, I have to thin my herd. If I can ever friggin figure out IMGUR, Im going to be selling my Gibson LP and my Burny LP to start and then my Custom shop charvel and then,,,,,,,

    Any how.. I was going to keep my Dean Soltero for my set neck single cut and almost pawned off my Michael Kelly Patriot Custom yest.. I didnt for some reason and plugged it up today.. Dang... What a nice axe...
    I have one of the first ones they made. Has mahog back, flame top, ebony board with abalone inlays, grover keys and tonepros bridge and tail piece.
    The stock neck pup is pretty good and the bridge pup was too. but since I cant leave things stock, I had a Rio BBQ pup custom made as the pups are direct mount with no legs...

    I Love love love all my single cuts, so has been a hard choice deciding who to part with.. I decided on the Gibby and Burny due to the gibsons value and the burny's weight is a bit much for my back. I was going to keep the Dean, but now.... I may just keep the Michael Kelly. The only thing I dont like about the MK is one vol/one tone. I like the dual knob set up. They are push pulls to split coils tho.. The Dean is gorgeous and has a slim fast neck. But the mk isnt too far off..
    Dangit... I hate having to part with gear period, but def struggling here. Anyone have thoughts on the michael kellys?

    For those of you of faith, pray I can get IMGUR figured out... I had some stuff loaded in there. the other night I got 130 images transferring over there, but they never did. And, when I logged out of it, all the stuff I supposedly had in there was gone... ARGHHH!!
    Believe me when I say that some of the most amazing music in history was made on equipment that's not as good as what you own right now.

    Jol Dantzig

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    Re: Michael Kelly Patriot Custom??

    Pics or you’re getting a Wangcaster


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      Re: Michael Kelly Patriot Custom??

      Originally posted by BloodRose View Post
      Anyone have thoughts on the michael kellys?
      I've always loved the pics on their website. And the latest newsletter from them doesn't help my GAS:

      Click image for larger version

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      But it wasn't until a couple years ago, when I did a pup swap in one for a customer, that I got to play one. Loved it even more. I think they're one of those brands that probably has winners and dogs. You gotta play the one you want. I'm thinking. Then again, I've only ever played one.

      And just as an FYI: Michael is the son. Kelly is the daughter. The founder is Tracy Hoeft.
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        Re: Michael Kelly Patriot Custom??

        I've always loved the Patriots. I also only played one, but the quality, play-ability and sound were great for the price.
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