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Another Floyd Rose question, springs?

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  • Another Floyd Rose question, springs?

    I noticed my guitar is set up with 4 springs under the floyd rose. So it's kinda stiff when I dive bomb. My guitar is set up with 10's. I'm assuming it's a choice my tech made for some reason. Is there any advantage to it? Disadvantage? Reason to add an extra spring?

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    Re: Another Floyd Rose question, springs?

    My understanding is that the number of springs is dependent only on how much tension there is in the strings, and whether or not you want your Floyd to sit true and level. As you go up in string gauge size, the string tension force increases. Also, if you were to tune up to say F instead of E, your string tension would also increase. When string tension increases you would need to do one of the following to keep your Floyd level:

    1. Add Springs
    2. Get stiffer springs
    3. Tighten the Spring mounting Screws.
    4. Or a combination thereof

    The reverse is true when you downtune or go to lighter springs. Think of it like a teeter-totter. More strings = more springs.

    As far as I know, "angling" the springs a la Jimi H. really doesn't do much, may add some tension, but mainly just looks cool if you leave the cavity open.

    Floyd pro's may want to chime in if I'm incorrect... I got thick skin, baby!
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      Re: Another Floyd Rose question, springs?



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        Re: Another Floyd Rose question, springs?

        Four springs may be overkill for 10's in standard tuning. I have 10's on my Wolfgang, and I've always used three springs. The guitar stays perfectly in tune, and the bar isn't overly stiff.

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          Re: Another Floyd Rose question, springs?

          I've always used 4 springs with 10s or 11s, both in Standard and in Eb. I like 4 more than 3 as I tend to have better tuning stability.
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            Re: Another Floyd Rose question, springs?

            I have to use 4 because of my string guage, no other choice, 12-52 in e is just too much for 3 springs.

            But I still prefer the easier "dropping" of 3, but Hey, I canīt have everything
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