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Ibanez CS-9 reissue

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  • Ibanez CS-9 reissue the pants off a CH1!!

    tried a brand new one before I installed in on the display at work and it's got a deeper, more vintage, lusher tone than the CH1. Nails that Eric Johnson sound. It seems to be slightly touch-reactive as well. I like it!

    returning my CH1 to buy one tomorrow.

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    Is it similarly priced to the CH-1? My friend recently got a CH-1, and I shudder every time he steps on the damned thing!


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      Are they ridiculously over priced like the reissue Ibanez TS-808?
      Don't get me wrong, the reissue TS-808 sounds great but you can still fine CS-9s used for cheap.
      I bought one at a pawn shop in excelent con. about six months ago for $25.!!


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        First off, I didn't know such a pedal existed before the reissue came out... I just tried it, loved it, and bought it.

        The "vintage" ones are going on ebay from between $40-$70 (although I dunno how accurate some of the vintage craze claims are) I'd rather just pick a new one up like I did rather than having to wait 2 weeks for a used one at a lower price.

        Oh yeah tag price on them is $120. The CH1 you'll find goes for $80 and IMO the CS9 sounds waaaay better. Overpriced? a little but, but not as overpriced as the TS808 reissue.

        I like it! What can I say?


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          This post made me plug in my retired, 1998, pre-reissue CS-9 & I kinda agree- it’s lush without being over-powering, kinda like its sister TS-9…

          Anyway, I’ve gotten the re-issue TS 808, despite owning 3 TS-9s, have to say that it rocks! It sounds a little different from the latter, IMO it sounds more polished in the midrange…

          PS: Bummer- this is only my 2nd post here after nearly hitting 666 in the former forum… I gues there are powers out there who wouldn’t wanna let that happen… but it’s home sweet home nevertheless…
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            $120 doesn't seem too bad.... and as for the ts 808 being overpriced.... the original 1s go for $500 and up
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