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  • feels good to be home!

    Okay, so I've got one of those Crate V-Series amps, the 50w 2x12" combo. And for the last, I dunno, 4 months, it's been at my friend's house, since we had a band going and we'd practice once a week there. About a month ago I bought the rackmount V-Amp Pro from Behringer for recording ease, and to practice while the amp's not home. Well, the band's been on hold for about a month, and I brought my amp home today. Wow, I just fell in love all over again. It's like returning home after being gone for a long, LONG time. Tube just sounds so much better than solid state, modeling or otherwise! The warmth, the detail, ohhhh...I love this amp. If I roll back on the volume knob of the guitar I get nice, clean, unoffending tone. Twist the knob back up, and it gets loud, play in the bridge position and I get a slightly rude twangy crunch. Bridge humbucker split, volume rolled back is the definition of warm. The digital reverb sounds pretty friggin' real to me. And the gain can go from slight overdrive to bluesy thickness to outright brutality! Tube rocks! I love this amp!!!

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    Re: feels good to be home!

    Those crate V series amps are very underated. It's a great amp to have, and the price doesn't break the bank. Fun to fall in love again with something that doesn't cost you any money out of pocket.
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      Re: feels good to be home!

      I agree, people hear "Crate" and automatically assume it sucks. But this amp is absolutely amazing, I need to mic this thing soon to share some clips.

      Oh yeah, and my Brian Moore isn't that bad of a guitar either


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        Re: feels good to be home!

        ur descrption of the amp was rite on, underated, and rocking

        i have the 30 watt 1X12, and while it really needs tubes and a speaker, it still rocks.....i love it.
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