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Line6 DM-4 Settings Help Please...

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  • Line6 DM-4 Settings Help Please...

    Hi everyone...I've just got my Line 6 DM-4 from USA...I plugged it to my Fender twin reverb...I've tweaked some settings but I cannot get a fat decent distortion tone...only 'tube driver,TS808 & Colordrive' settings get me a good sound...all distortions especially MetalZone sounds extremely trebly and fuzzy no matter I tweak it on the pedal...could it be from the amp...cause I have preamp and master volume and I usually crank up the master volume leaving preamp volume to minimum...or is the pedal not that good as it seems???I live in Istanbul and I have a friend living in USA...I told him to order it from ebay and then he brought me the pedal...I get this pedal with so many recommendations and now I'm truly dissapointed...whats wrong guys I really need your help in this one thanks...
    But how about volume settings...which one should I turn up amp preamp or master volume???or keep them all low and crank the DM-4s volume up or exactly opposite?also I have a push\pull master volume and should I use it pushed or pulled.when pulled it sound more powerfull and sound comes to front...I don't want any digitized and trebly sounding effects anymore that's why I replaced Marshall VS-100 with Fender Twin Reverb...and then everyone recommend me to get DM-4...My VS-100 distortion tones were far better and full sounding...I'm a bit dissapointed now and I need cleans are awesome but I also want better distortion tones...What's wrong with my settings or is the pedal totally crap???
    90' Heritage H-147 w/Schaller Golden 50's
    99' USA Fender Stratocaster
    96' Fender Montara Electric/Acoustic
    79' Fender Twin Reverb 135W w/JBL's + Line 6 DM-4 + Boss OD-1 Overdrive + MXR DynaComp + Boss CH-1 Super Chorus + Jim Dunlop Crybaby

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    Re: Line6 DM-4 Settings Help Please...

    I debated on picking up the Line 6 DM-4 for awhile,when I came to the realization that what I liked most about the DM-4 was the Boss distortion sounds.After realizing this I tried the Boss OD-20 and I feel in love.Line 6,IMO,was good,just not quite as good as the Boss.Still,keep experimenting with the DM-4.