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EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

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  • EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

    I snagged it. Traded a parts-caster for it [a nice one].
    Normally a rosewood/ebony FB guy but this one is pretty cool.
    All the CNC millwork is spot-on.
    25.5 scale.
    12 to 16 compound radius.
    Neck is like a chunky Fender C but flatter. Very comfortable.
    Basswood w/a quilt maple veneer on 1/4 inch maple top.
    Stock Wolfgang pups are better than most stock. Wax potted. Decent.
    Played it thru my JMP & Mesa Rectifier, don't need to change a thing.

    Middle position [both pups] sound Yuge !
    Snappy guitar, plays really nice.
    Fit & finish is pretty much flawless.
    Tore down the Floyd and installed Big Brass.
    For a smaller body & headstock its resonant as a MoFo.
    Excellent guitars for the price and you're getting 40 years of Ed's culmination/experience @ a working mans price.

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    These are wonderful instruments, and you got a really pretty one. Congrats on this- it isn't too different than the Warmoth I am building.
    Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan