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Incoming NGD 2018 Duo Sonic HS

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  • Incoming NGD 2018 Duo Sonic HS

    A 2018 duo sonic came up about 20 minutes from me for $550, local sale only, basically mint but also includes fender locking tuners and a Fender gig bag, an A frame stand, and the bridge pickup is now a Sh-11 CC... Which I have used before and like. I might go get a ceramic mag for it.
    this sounds like a good deal, I like mustangs and have wanted one forever but honestly liked the idea of hardtail and splittable humbucker and more basic switching (I actually don't care for the out of phase thing). New MIM fenders have all gone out of my price range for this round of acquisition and this is at the low end of what they're on reverb for, and I like the color which is Ice Blue.
    Gonna meet the seller tomorrow to exchange cash for goods.

    ​​​​​​​I feel like I could use this as my standard tuning axe and then keep my locking vibrato Ibanez in Eb. I have a squier jazzmaster but the pots are scratchy, the pickups are noisy, the stock bridge is not very fun to keep adjusting, so I don't use it much. Of course a new guitar is more money than fixing those issues but, I've always wanted a 24" offset anyways so... there you go! Maybe now I can put the JM in D standard.
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    I think this will compliment my existing two guitars. I like a lot of stuff but the ibanez is great for 80s rock and metal.
    and the jazzmaster sounds pretty good for like 90s rock styles like alt rock stoner rock pop punk post grunge indie etc etc etc
    but I think the duo sonic will be better
    I like the JM look and neck pickup sound but the bridge pickup is overwound and a bit muddy and lots of hum, I dunno why the middle position is not hum cancelling, and the bridge needs a lot of adjustment, it's just kinda a drag to keep playing and then suddenly somethings buzzing or fretting out again and then I can correct it but it seems the bridge saddle screws slip.

    anyways hopefully yes the duo sonic will take over for the jazzmaster and the JM can be relegated to less used alternate tunings or such.
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      In my previous post I called the duo sonic offset which i know is not offset it is onset. It has that mustangy cycloney look though For some reason it's giving me trouble editing posts though


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        Did you get it?
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          Not yet I think by end of day tomorrow
          He's gonna meet me before work


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            Hope you get it, and it works out. I love those Duo-Sonics, Mustangs, Cyclones, et al. They all lend themselves to simple, but cool, wiring schemes. Good luck.


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              Click image for larger version

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              Got it!
              Really happy with it. It's in immaculate condition, and I'm slightly amazed that the custom custom splits so well. Bright but not shrill or weak, very balanced. ,The scale length gives a really thick sound and it's clear but not nearly as twangy...
              The stuff i play I couldn't tell a difference between playing this or a mustang unless I put it on humbucker, which takes it to rock territory. for thrashy stuff I like my ibanez much better but this has a more early EVH kinda tone. There is a sponginess that feels good when you dig in, some grind, but clarity.
              The locking tuners are pretty sweet.
              Overall feels like a steal especially given the lack of cool guitars in my area generally, and the price of new fenders, and it's clearly had a good setup and the frets are all smooth and good.


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                Older Gentleman sold it cuz he says get gets wrist pain from certain neck shapes like C, and so he's working with a luthier now to get custom D shapes made for him.
                The bridge pickup was recommended to him after he consulted the great folk at Seymour Duncan. Great choice SD!


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                  Congrats on a good deal on a cool guitar!
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                    Haha this thing really must have been a closet queen
                    I found the sweetwater candy bag and hang tags for the guitar in the gig bag pocket