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Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

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  • Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

    should i customize my squire or should i jsut sell it. Just to let you nko, i had this strat for about an year and it was used. Still in good condition. I would like to know what i should do with it. If i do soup it up i will post some pics!
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    Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

    if you plan on buying another guitar i would save it and use it as a back up. Just drop some duncans in their and it will sound much ncier.
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      Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

      Forget about what it says on the headstock. Does the guitar play good?
      Does the neck have a nice feel to it? If you answered yes to either. Keep it !
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        Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

        I personally think Squire guitars are pretty tidy - just change the pickups and you'll have a decent guitar. Maybe change the switch while you're at it, they seem to go crackly after a while.

        I've got a Squire strat I picked up about 5 years ago for 90. Put a hot rails in at the bridge, and it's fine. I've got a Squire stagemaster 7 sting too, which I put some EMGs in. Both play well and sound good to my ears.


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          Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

          Not that I'm biased or anything, but I'd say go for the mods.

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            Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

            I put MIM Pups in mine and it sounds great
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              Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

              Hi and welcome to the forum - what others have said is perfectly right if you are happy with the neck, body and basically everything else then keep it and do some mods to it. Upgrade the pups and see whether or not they will suit you that way you can use it as a back up or even as a testing bed if you have other guitars.

              FWIW I have a Fender Squire '82 Jap Vintage strat (it is a '57 vintage) and I was unhappy with the pups on them. I had some Fralin vintage hot pups put on them - complete with bleed capacitor and blend and it has made the guitar come alive. Lew did all the work for me and it is absolutely brilliant. So perhaps decide what you want on your guitar and if you are competent enough to do the work yourself then get all that you need otherwise I am sure that there some guys on here who will give you some great advice. Oh and this place does get addictive. Below are some links to the guitar.



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                Re: Fender squire-- revamp or not to revamp

                If you like the guitar put Some APS 1's in it if you want a great vintage tone with good quack and bell tones. I had a Squier Strat and did that and it made it sound much better. They took the harsh high end out of it but it still had good highs, just sweeter highs and a little fatter, smoother, more professional sound. APS 1's are not very expensive so you are not going to be out a ton of money upgrading a cheap guitar that way. Tone for tone, dollar for dollar, I like the APS 1's best for a vintage Strat tone. I have also tried Antiquitys, SSL 1'a and 5-2's in several different Squier Strats and American Strats and in my opinion the APS 1's were the best all around tone.
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