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  • Interesting old piece

    I ran across an interesting instrument about a week ago. It was a 1980 Gibson ES-335S. In the late 70s and early 80s, Gibson manufactured some of their hollowbody and semihollowbody instruments in a solid form. This particular model was a Deluxe version and had that retarded fine tuning tailpiece that they used back then. I remember the guitars coming out, but don't remember too much more about them (I was an SG freak at the time and wasn't interested.). Does anyone know anything more about these instruments?

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    Re: Interesting old piece

    sounds interesting, ive never heard of it.....

    bumping for hope somebody knows about them
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      Re: Interesting old piece

      It was interesting. They're asking way too much for it, they're rare, but they're not collector rare, nor anywhere near as valuable as a real 335.