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volume, sound technical question???

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  • volume, sound technical question???

    Which is the reason of when I play at low volumes with an specific eq. gain etc. in my fender hot rod deluxe using a dist pedal in the clean channel playing with a 59n sound awesome, then I play with the same settings at more volume and sounds bad, I have to change the settings to sound good.


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    its possibly you have the gain up too high to handle at high volume...
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      do you turn up the volume on your guitar or the amp? if its the amp its not that uncommon, sometimes when you turn up an amp the tonal qualities change and its just necessary to tweak it a little, if its the guitar, turning up the volume changes the tone, making it brighter the higher the volume value is.


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        its also because you are not hearing all the frequencies when you have the amp at a low volume. Your also pushing the amp harder so your tubes will improve and compress more.
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          pre amp gain sounds nice at low levels, but not as good at louder levels. power amp gain is the other way around heh

          when quiet, higher gain, lower volume...

          when loud - turn down gain slightly, bring up volume to compensate. some kick arse tones can be had with the gain on 3 or 4


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            As you turn up your amp, the way it reacts with the cabinet holding the driver(s) as well as the room itself changes. This often results with the sound getting very different as you crank it. Sometimes you will get more bass and sometimes less. This is because the amplifier as a whole is now exciting different areas of pressure in the room, called room modes. The closer you get to a room boundary, the more air pressure builds up, thus more bass. This is called corner loading a speaker. In order to get the benefits of doing this, you have to be in a similar zone, ie, against the opposite wall boundary.

            Most small cabinets get bass by cheating physics. When you turn them up, the cabinet has a different set of frequencies bouncing arund, and most of the time small cabs are voiced to drop the bass when you crank them to avoid them walking away on you, or falling apart!
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              Thankīs thatīs very interesting.