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  • rivera k-55 knucklehead

    anyone play one of these amps i'm lookin for some info i need it to work for hard rock scorpions/whitesnake/doken thanks
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    yes yes and yes.

    I owned one and it's the only piece of gear that I've sold that I regret.

    At the time I was playing with a country band and it wasn't enough, well almost, but not quite enough clean headroom.

    On the other hand, for doing 70's hard rock, it was perfect!

    The really cool thing about the KH55 is that it's really 4 amp voicings in one. Two channels, but two modes on each one. On the fender clean side there was a cool midrange switch that allowed you to go from Blackface to Tweed with a pull of the mid. Great feature.

    On the Marshall side, it really was a sweet overdrive tone. Mine ran on EL34's. Great best of both worlds amp. Wish I hadn't sold it, but I got bit by the point to point boutique bug.

    People say the new reverb version is better, but I've not played it. The new one has a pedal that allows you to store more settings if I remember correctly.

    They also make a KH100 if you need more power.

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