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    So it's been forever. Between moving, getting married, and the band breaking up, I really haven't touched a guitar in a while. Since its my birthday I splurged and picked up a little big muff for $50 new since I've wanted to use one for some time now. Its not bad. Nails the whole full manchu sound with my jca out of the box which is why I got it. I'm sort of on the fence about keeping it. The pedal is fine, I just don't know if it compliments my playing style as the amp overdrive. It may be the nature of the beast, but it feels like I need to work a little harder, fighting against the compression. Well I don't have much to compare it to I just think it's pretty neat but I may trade it for something else. Maybe a phase or delay. Ill record some clips when I get a chance
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    If you already have a good heavy rock tone, a Muff is going to work best as a solo booster, or just for when you want an over the top sludged out sound.

    If the Little Big Muff doesn't quite do it, try the big original NYC version. I have an NYC and bought a LBM for the smaller foot print but sidebyside, you can hear some pretty drastic differences. Same "type" of sound but the LBM just wasn't as rich sounding and I wound up giving it away.
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