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MP Simble vs. Boss FBM-1

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  • MP Simble vs. Boss FBM-1

    I needed another OD pedal like I need another hole in my head. But I'm addicted!

    Bought a Mad Professor Simble after watching YouTube demos and reading reviews.

    It is a great sounding pedal, however, after dialing in "my" preferred tone, I found it sounds nearly identical to the Boss FBM-1 I least for this particular tone choice and it costs $100 more. One of the reviews I read, which was complimentary, stated as a 'con' that it really didn't do anything a number of other OD pedals do. True to a large degree. It does however have more touch sensitivity, which is nice. I think the FBM-1 has a wider variety of tone/sounds.

    I tend to set a pedal and leave it at that setting in live performance rather than changing it during the gig.

    I see so little about the Boss FBM-1, that I thought I'd put a plug in for it. When looking for an OD to Crunch pedal, don't overlook it.

    Any others who have both the Simble and FBM-1 (or at least have played thru both) with similar or contrasting thoughts? And how different really is the Dumble amp sound compared to the Fender '59 Bassman LTD in your opinion?

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    Re: MP Simble vs. Boss FBM-1

    I haven't played that particular pedal, but from several other A/B tests of the boutique vs economical versions of pedals I've found the response and the way the pedal pushes the amp is the main difference. I loved my (former) Rat 2 but the MP Stone Grey pushed the amp so well and responded much better with light to hard touches (just like my Suhr Riot compared to my former Joyo US Dream.

    I had looked at the Simble but went with the Golden Cello, the Simble wasn't going to fulfill a need for me. Hopefully some other forum members have tried both the Boss and MP you mentioned.