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My pedalboard v 2:016

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  • My pedalboard v 2:016

    Not long ago I posted a thread that my board was finished. Well... It need a few tweaks.. Its been tweaked and Im feeling really happy with it. (Ill refrain from saying finished, cuz well, Im a guitar player... And are we EVER 100% satisfied with our gear???) Anyhow.... As Ive mentioned in previous threads, my goal is to have 2 boards. One, (this one) is my utility board. This has my must haves and such. The other will be my "color palette" and will have phase, flange and stuff like that.
    Ive gone back and forth on keeping the EQ, but it works so well to goose the quickrod for leads without too much coloration..

    From my last photos I posted, I've added the Korg Pitchblack, swapped the Raptor pedal for an OCD and swapped out my Boss chorus for the Digitech. And added a sliding panel that allows me to slide out my Wah pedal as its more comfortable to me in a lower position and also, gives more room to work it. And when done, can slide it back into place for storage.. Also swapped zip tie mounting for velcro..

    If you would be so kind, let me know if there is a more effective order I can run these in or such. How I have it set up, I can use either row separately and in most cases, will run the top shelf row into the loop and the bottom shelf into the front. Or, I can hook the cables to run it all in a chain, starting with the Pitchblack, ending out the Noise suppressor.

    Well, Im having problems in photo bucket, so I may have to swap the pics later, but here are some rough shots.

    Here it is:

    Believe me when I say that some of the most amazing music in history was made on equipment that's not as good as what you own right now.

    Jol Dantzig