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More prototyping....some fuzz boxes mixed in...

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  • More prototyping....some fuzz boxes mixed in...

    The chop chop, one echo, two slightly different fuzzboxes, one with a slightly fatter sound, the other with a variable mid circuit, both have voltage regulation, and can take up to 18v or 25 if you want....
    Do not mind the boxes They are scavenger parts, and totally gutted for the original inards.
    We had some fun killing the Joyo Hot Plexi and stuffing in something somewhat different!

    It is along vid, sorry about that!
    Use an expression pedal to control the speed on the chop chop.
    The fuzz boxes will soon see a small production...I just need to get a few jobs done so that I can use some of my small companys money on this!

    (do not worry Mr Bees...I am on to your PT box....had to wait for some stuff, and it is in debugging mode right now)

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    Re: More prototyping....some fuzz boxes mixed in...

    Sounding good!


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      Re: More prototyping....some fuzz boxes mixed in...

      Haha love the gutted Hot Plexi! What are the details of that one, I dig...

      Is the stutter like a more fully featured Seek Trem?
      Oh no.....

      Oh Yeah!


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        Re: More prototyping....some fuzz boxes mixed in...

        Ah the "Hot Plexi"....hehe well it is just a fuzz with a slightly different configuration parts wise, the voltage reg is common today, so it is fuzz and volume plus the regulator for voltage.
        It is a single transistor setup...

        The chop chop is mostly a chopper, can go slightly softer if needed, has 16 depths that can be set for a pattern of your own choosing, and it can run the cycle both ways, or sweep back and forth.
        It can also pan between two amps, there is also an expression out for controling the speed with an expression pedal.

        Can also have preset speed engaged, either with one set by the expression pedal or a pot on the pedal, without the expression there are to speed knobs availabel.
        We are still looking for a slighter smaller box to use, but we need some space for the switches!
        So it will never be a small pedal.