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Small amp tryout..

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  • Small amp tryout..

    Took home a small 5 watt single ended EL-84 amp with one 10" Jensen speaker.
    Dirt simple, so while I was at it I took home a few old projects that was collecting dust, also retrived my old Carlsbro 100 watt head.
    That one needs a lookover again...

    For the first time in years I have a PT pedal at my house
    It has been modded back to normal specs by the way, don't like the Pete Thorn version one bit!
    Dry anemenic and just flat out dull!

    Funny that such a small change can mean that much!
    Old optocomp project as well(this one is a different spec than the normal ones, different optical stuff, and some different caps).
    One old flanger that we also made back then, never was allowed to be finished either, so now I am poking around inside it, trying to remember what the hell I was doing back then, may wanna ask Thomas what it was we where doing back then...hehe

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    Re: Small amp tryout..

    I hear what you're saying. You don't have to have monster equipment to make good sounds. My AC4C1 Vox with a celestian 10 inch speaker does the job for me.
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      Re: Small amp tryout..

      One little vid...
      Removed the eq and added my Aquavibe instead.


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        Re: Small amp tryout..

        You always sound good, Brother.
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          Re: Small amp tryout..

          Thanks mate


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            Re: Small amp tryout..

            Typhoon, that tone is really outstanding. I like the 5th pedal to the right, is that some kind of optical Vibe(univibe) gadget- that isn't the same pedal as pictured in the original picture you psted is it? it also seems to have added some treble boost? That first boost is really dynamic! The tone end of the clip where only that 5th vibe (?)pedal was engaged was very excellent. Wow, this is the real thing.
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              Re: Small amp tryout..

              It is a Foxrox Aquavibe
              Optical compressor, Vibe, Flanger, Plexitone singlechannel(modded to org specs) Dual Echo.


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                Re: Small amp tryout..

                Unique sound; I like it!
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