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The Forza? Anybody try one?

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  • The Forza? Anybody try one?

    I really like the 805 and I saw this Forza and have to wonder what more can SD do with a small pedal? I couldn't really get a grasp on what it does that the 805 doesn't.
    Any help in understanding this new pedal would be appreciated.

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    Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?

    I don't think many are out in the wild yet. The 805 sounds like an overdrive is used to sounding, a characteristic mid hump that you can tame with the active EQ (and restore missing bass). From what I understand about the Forza, is that it is more EQ balanced, without that TS-style mid hump/missing bass thing. There is probably some overlap, but I am guessing the Forza generally pushes the amp differently (more balanced) than the normal TS-flavored overdrives.
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      Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?

      I guess it's a Chicago Music Exchange special run. Here's the Duncan description.
      The Forza is a full­ range, highly adjustable and transparent overdrive for players who want more gain without losing the natural voice of their guitar ­and it’s exclusive to Chicago Music Exchange.

      While many overdrives emphasize particular frequencies, the Forza gives you a more even spread across the frequency range. The voicing is very open, and it sounds just as good through a clean channel or hitting an already­ overdriven amp. In addition to up to 37dB of gain there’s a three­-band EQ for controlling the lows, mids and high end, and the Level control has plenty of range to allow use as a clean boost too.
      The Forza uses a glass diode, back­-to-­back stack overdrive circuit. It features True Bypass switching and is made in the USA.

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        Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?

        Did you have to write that in migraine color?

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          Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?

          No inside knowledge, but these are usually exclusive for a month or few, then open to others. Dunlop does it with MF/GC, Catalinbread and Earthquaker do it with PGS, Wampler does it with Sweetwater and JHS/Keeley do it with CME.

          Just because the 805 has a three band EQ doesn't mean it's automatically every OD tone available. It's a TS style circuit with three bands of adjustment where the designer thinks they are best/most effective. The Forza could be a completely different base EQ, and the three band could be adjusting different frequencies and have different Q/slope/type (shelving vs non).
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            Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?

            Since the description says that it's more sonically ballanced, is it something along the lines of an OCD with the EQ added?
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              Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?


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                Re: The Forza? Anybody try one?

                Interesting thing about overdrives, every rig's chemistry is different especially the primary three variables of the guitar, amplification and hand skills, so every pedal is different to every player and their gear. What works for one may not do so well for another. A little EQ change slightly different components, sometimes layout changes make pedals different. But that is half the fun of pedals, finding the ones that suit your personal rig chemistry and style. Builders just do their best to create well thought designs that cover a lot of ground for different players. Hell someone can totally adjust the same pedal vastly different so claiming a particular pedal is the grail is a hard thing to claim. It must kill builders when some nit trashes their pedals, it would me. From what I have seen and heard Duncan Engineering has it goin' on. Their designs seem to be really good which is more than I can say for more poppy stuff. I am sort of trimmed down in pedals but If I were doing the large apportioned board again, I know several Seymour Duncan's I would have to have. I recently added a Palladium and man that is a great pedal. I am full up on drives right now but I dig their versions. Right now I am digging the Mesa Flux w my Les Paul's.
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