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  • TC Toneprint question

    Does anyone know if there is a way to store home-made toneprints on your phone? Seems only the artist profiles are available in the app.
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    Re: TC Toneprint question

    Unfortunately I think the only way to create and store user settings is on your computer. It would be awesome if there was an interface like the Eventide H9. Even just being able to store a couple user settings to recall when you are away from your computer would be great.

    Maybe email TC customer support? They seem to be responsive.

    The other option (how I use my HOF mini) is to map wildly different parameters to a single knob, but have some of the parameters inactive or static over part of the range of the knob. For my personal toneprint, the reverb starts short with a low mix. From 0% - 50% the mix increases, then from 50% - 75% as the mix is increasing the decay increases, and modulation ramps from nothing at 50% to pretty heavy at 100%. This way I effectively have a 1-knob Reverb that goes from subtle to bigger to ambient wash.
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