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Anyone Using Caitlinbread Foundation Pedals?

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  • Anyone Using Caitlinbread Foundation Pedals?

    Anyone using the Formula 55 or the F6F? Or even the Dirty Little Secret? Looking for some amp-like pushed low- to moderate-gain crunch.

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    Re: Anyone Using Caitlinbread Foundation Pedals?

    i have a dls mk2 and a buddy had the formula 5. the formula 5 is kinda a one trick pony but its a very fun trick, a little mushy but so is a cranked 5e3. the dls is a cool pedal, i prefer running it at 18v though since it feels more amp like but the sounds at 9v are great too. it does the marshall thing well. only played around with the mk3 but it seems cool and the fact you can flip from sl to sb is cool