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  • Xvive Golden Brownie

    I had a $50 Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket and decided to give this little guy a chance. From what little information I could find about it, Iím guessing itís a tweaked Crunch Box/Angry Charlie circuit. It just came in this afternoon, but my first impressions are nothing but positive. It definitely does the high gain Marshall thing convincingly, and it takes very well to a Tube Screamer-like OD in front to tighten things up.

    Anyone else out there tried one of these things yet? I really like these small-footprint pedals, and so far, this one seems like a keeper.

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    Re: Xvive Golden Brownie

    Just going out on a limb, and since it was designed by Thomas Blug, I would guess it is more discreet FET based like the BSIAB and similar, can't really say for sure. Does sound interesting, especially for the price, give us a review when you get it.


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      Re: Xvive Golden Brownie

      I’ve heard good things about it. I’d pull the trigger...
      Oh no.....

      Oh Yeah!