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Dime Cry Bay From Mars

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  • Dime Cry Bay From Mars

    Looks kinda cool

    Mojo's Minions
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    Re: Dime Cry Bay From Mars

    its badass. He could sell 'em for sure. Not sure if he'd make enough to make a profit, but i like it.
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      Re: Dime Cry Bay From Mars

      Its retarded, Im sorry for a custom painted wah its nice, for a Dimebag Cry Baby from Hell, I cannot help but feel its sort of insulting to the guys memory, he wasnt that into the smurfs, or baby bubble themed graphics as I recall.

      I guess someone wanted to paint a wah and all they had was a CFH, and no clue whatsoever who the **** 'Dimebag' was ?


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        Re: Dime Cry Bay From Mars

        Please... It's a wah pedal, not a memorial.
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          Re: Dime Cry Baby From Mars

          With that color scheme seems like a Dimebag Wah from Heaven.


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            Re: Dime Cry Baby From Mars

            Donít really see the point, I suppose itís a novelty but I donít get novelty gear in general
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              Re: Dime Cry Bay From Mars

              Maybe after dime smoked some primo weed.