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I beat the Wah Floppy Rocker Conumdrum

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  • I beat the Wah Floppy Rocker Conumdrum

    I've been trying to get my Thomas Organ Cry Baby pedal to keep its Rocker where ever I leave it. Before, the rocker would automatically drop to the toe-down position when my foot wasn't on it. So let's tighten up those Rockers, rockers!

    It seems that most questions asked about retensioning the Rocker get the "remove the rocker and adjust the tension strip" answer. I've heard that the flatter the strip, the stiffer the Rocker gets. Hmm. Not really.

    I took apart a pedal to use the chassis for another pedal. I took this time to try to adjust the tension strip with no significant improvement after a lot of work. I looked at the problem from another direction. So far, I'd been working on the top of the chassis. I don't know how I got to thinking about this, but I looked at the underside of the chassis, and more specifically, at the nuts that are attached to the tension strip screws. It turns out that tightening the nuts will increase the tension and keep the Rocker where ever I leave it. Cool and easy. You may not even have to remove anything but the back cover of the pedal. More coming, including more photos and detailed instructions when I finish the web pages for two approaches to the retension question. Below shows some of the easy way.

    Here are my links about retensioning a Wah pedal.


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    Re: I beat the Wah Floppy Rocker Conumdrum

    thats a well loved wah pedal


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      Re: I beat the Wah Floppy Rocker Conumdrum

      Good to know!

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