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Another Blast from the Past - Ibanez MT10 Mostortion

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  • Another Blast from the Past - Ibanez MT10 Mostortion

    I am kicking my self for this one....

    I bought an Ibanez Mostortion pedal from a friend when I was in 9th grade (in the early 90's) for $30. I had a solid state amp with built in distortion but was looking for something heavier than what the amp was putting out.

    Now on it's own, this pedal wasn't super heavy, but in combination with my gear and amp's distortion, it sounded exactly like the distortion on Metallica's Garage Days "the 5.98 EP".

    Eventually I traded it to another friend (can't remember what for) but nowadays my musical tastes have changed and I was thinking that I'd like this pedal back...I looked them up and they are going for $300-$500 for an original. I never would have thought that it would be worth that much (I would have never traded mine).

    Though an article just came out saying that the Danelectro Roebuck is suppose to be a modern version of this pedal...anyone ever had both and if so, what did you think about the Roebuck?

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    THose were cool pedals from a pretty odd Ibanez series. Weird switches. Lotsa knobs.
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      About thirty years ago a guitar magazine did a $30,000 Steve Vai gear giveaway. This pedal was part of the deal.
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        I've played with one of those Danelectro Roebucks, but not the Ibanez, so can't really give any comparisons, I was impressed with the roebuck, it was surprisingly versatile, even with a fully clean amp, but not impressed enough for the 200ish I think they even go for.