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  • Claim Your FREE H9 Plug-in Series Bundle License

    This is pretty cool can't wait to use some of the Space reverb on drums and vocals.

    One H9 To Rule them All

    We are very proud of the H9 family of pedals and all the sonic magic that our users have created with our products. Since its introduction, 10 world-class algorithms have been added to the original complement of 42 (a $200 added value). But, despite our best efforts, the H9 Max is now full and cannot accommodate any additional algorithms.

    In addition, due to supply chain disruptions and component shortages exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, we will no longer produce the standard H9 and H9 Core after 2020. We will continue to manufacture and ship the H9 Max with a total of 52 algorithms as of January 1, 2021.

    As a special thank you to registered H9 Max owners, we are offering a free license for the H9 Series Plug-in Bundle through Dec 31, 2020.

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    Well darn. I wish I was a registered H9 owner.