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Loving the BOSS MS-3

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  • Loving the BOSS MS-3

    I've had the MS-3 for about 3-4 weeks now and it just keeps getting better the longer I use it and understand it's capabilities better.
    NO amp sims (didn't want any), but has effects, 3 pedal loops, control jacks for expression pedal and to change your amp's channels, MIDI controller, and all round command center for some pedalboards (not huge ones though I don't imagine, that would be GigRig territory).

    My latest discovery was figuring out how to use one switch to turn 1 effect off and another effect on simultaneously. After initially reading the specs on the unit before buying it seemed the pedal loops could handle guitar preamps. I contacted BOSS/Roland support just to be absolutely sure and they replied Yes it will handle guitar preamps BUT, I wouldn't be able to turn one off and another one on with one switch like channel switching. Well it absolutely will and does do that!

    This thing can also be set to have a footswitch be momentary. If you're playing a song with a couple guitar fills that need delay/clean boost/etc you can set a switch that will have that effect by pressing and holding down a footswitch (specifically the footswitch that is for that particular patch preset: playing preset in Bank 1 preset #3? hold down the preset #3 switch). Take your foot off the switch and the delay/clean boost/etc is off again.

    It's about 1/4th the size of the TC Electronic Nova system I was using or smaller and can do so much more. The only thing the Nova system has over the BOSS are those TC/Lexicon reverbs and delays. The ones on the BOSS are good, but the TC/Lexicons are 1970s power steering on a muscle car nice.
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