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  • Joyo Cab Box Rocks.

    Wow. I have to say this Joyo Cab Box IR Loader is pretty darn amazing. While I have a Kemper and a HR Prime, I also have a Digitech RP360XP I often take to jam sessions as it's small and portable. Once you learn the presets suck, and most cab models suck, you can get some very good tones out of it by spending some time building presets, plus it has a beautiful drum machine in it, expression pedal, and laptop editor (sweet setup!). The RP is the steal of the century at about $90-$130 used. Anyway, it cant load IRs being a machine that came out in 2014, hence my curiosity, so I bought a new Cab Box for $161 delivered off Reverb. My default disposition is cranky and skeptical, but I have to say, this is quite an amazing little box. The pre-loaded IRs are very good, and can all be tweaked on power amp tube type, cabinet type/speaker, mic type, mic position/distance, and EQ. I was hoping this Cab Box IR Loader could enhance an already solid RP360 an add a lot of versatility, and it sure has. For what this awesome little box does, its a steal honestly. For someone with older effects units that you may still like, but wish you could enhance them, or give you more versatility, this is your box! It sounds really nice, it's really quiet, and just brings a wonderful assortment of derivative tones to any effects unit, esp older effects units. This Joyo really breathes new life into older units, and sound really classy. I'm tough to impress, and I have to say this little Joyo is an amazing box for what it gives you. For anyone who doesn't want to pony up big money for an A-Tier unit like a Fractal or Kemper, this little box breathes new life into older effects boxes (who's cab sims were terrible in that era as the tech just hadn't evolved yet). The preamp tones of older units are usually fine, it's the cab sims they had in years past that were awful, ruining what was usually solid preamp tones. The back-end is half your tone! I could gig this RP360XP and my Joyo Cab Box in a bar and sound terrific, and for about $200-$275 total invested depending if you buy new or pre-owned. There's something to be said for a combination of portability AND capabilities. Pick up a Joyo Cab Box, I'm pretty sure you will see the massive value in a box that breathes new life into older effects unit. It really sounds good. Well done Joyo.
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      Glad it’s working for you. I bought one used off reverb and immediately sent it back to him. It was noisy as hell.

      Clip with the noise:

      yours doesn’t have that noise?
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        That sounds more like grounding problem or you need a isolated power supply. This happens more often with digital effects than with discrete builds.
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          Originally posted by hamerfan View Post
          That sounds more like grounding problem or you need a isolated power supply. This happens more often with digital effects than with discrete builds.
          All I know is I've got a ton of gear over the past 25 years and this and the ampero 2 were the only things that made weird noise to the point where I sent them back. the ampero was a surprise since it gets good reviews and it comes with its own power supply. This unit on the other hand has a ton of bad reviews related to noise.

          I think I used a one spot for the joyo box and didn't have the patience to diagnose it further.
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